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The Center for Entrepreneurial Mindset (CEM) cultivates students' ability to create innovative solutions, fostering positive societal change and socio-economic growth through ethical and environmentally sensitive entrepreneurship.
The Center of Experiential Learning at GIFT University integrates practical experiences, industry partnerships, and community engagement to foster an entrepreneurial mindset and enrich student learning.
The Center for Social Entrepreneurship (CSE) fosters a mindset of social impact and economic development through practical business experiences, emphasizing ethical practices, innovation, and collaboration for socio-economic advancement.
The GIFT Language Center offers a diverse range of language programs, including IELTS preparation, teacher training, and workshops on professional writing, tailored to meet specific language learning needs and enhance professional communication skills.
The GIFT Centre for Entrepreneurial Development and Business Linkages (CEB) empowers entrepreneurs, fosters industry-academia collaboration, and prepares students for success in the evolving job market, while driving socio-economic progression.
The Office of Research, Innovation, and Commercialization (ORIC) at GIFT University fosters a research culture, promotes innovation and commercialization, enhances research quality, facilitates industry-academia collaborations, and develops an entrepreneurial mindset among faculty and students.
The Student Development Centre (SDC) at GIFT University enriches students' ethical, social, moral, professional, and personal development through various services and programs, aiming to transform them into confident, self-directed individuals with a positive outlook on life.
The GIFT Centre for Global Engagement (CGE) promotes global academic excellence through international collaborations, fostering cultural understanding and professional growth for students and faculty.

Centre of Emerging Technology (CET)

The Centre of Emerging Technologies (CET) at GIFT University bridges academia and industry, empowering students with digital and entrepreneurial skills while fostering innovation among faculty to meet real-world demands and tackle unemployment challenges in Pakistan.

Centre of Student Societies (CSS)

The Center of Students Societies (CSS) provides forums and clubs which play a significant role in the development of the industry-academia linkages while considering the promotion of entrepreneurial mindset, social impact, and economic development.

Centre for Student Mentorship (CSM)

The Center for Student Mentorship (CSM) provides comprehensive support for academic, personal, and professional growth, ensuring students overcome obstacles and achieve success.

Social Integration Program (SIP)

The Social Integration Program (SIP) emphasizes community service with three components: a mindset module on service and entrepreneurship, a personal development module on virtues and lifestyle changes, and a community service module for designing social projects or volunteering.

Centre for Career Development (CCD)

The Career Development Center (CDC) empowers students to achieve their potential and transition into rewarding careers by offering comprehensive support and resources to address their diverse needs.

Centre for Community Awareness & Development (CCAD)

The Center for Community Awareness and Development (CCAD) fosters community engagement and growth through innovative programs and strategic partnerships, empowering individuals and communities to create lasting impact.

GIFT Corpus Reseach Centre (GCRC)

The GIFT Corpus Research Centre (GCRC) advances corpus analysis across research, teaching, learning, and digitization, intersecting with various fields like linguistics, psychology, sociology, business, industry, and media.