PhD and Foreign Qualified Faculty.     100% Merit Scholarship and Financial Assistance for Talented and Needy Students.     Highest Ranking Category "W-4" Awarded by HEC.     GIFT University offers MA Mass Communication/ Media Studies from Fall 2014 Semester.     GIFT University launches PhD Islamic Studies from Fall 2014 Semester.     GIFT University starts Diploma in Design Textile and Fashion - 1 Year from Fall 2014 Semester.
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The Home of GIFT University
Pakistan is going through a formative phase. Since inception, the country has not been able to establish even the basic elements that make a piece of land a country. Health, security, employment and education were never given priority. Education has been one of the most neglected parts of our national policy. Only education has the power to fix all our national problems. Countries that invest heavily on education are the ones that are most prosperous. We believe that our future can only be secured by imparting quality education to the people. There are institutions in Pakistan that realize that education is the lifeline of our country. GIFT University is one such institution.
Established in 2002, the university is mindful of the fact that good education can make a good nation. Since GIFT University opened its door to the knowledge thirsty students of the country, its alumni has been its goodwill ambassadors. The quality standards of GIFT University education can be judged from the success of its alumni placed at the top positions of national and international companies. This is the reason why the university is listed among the best academic institutes of the country. The university is awarded W-4 category by HEC for the quality of education and the facilities offered to students in co-curricular and extra-curricular fields.
The university, situated on more than 40 acres of land, possesses state of the art facilities include digital library, air conditioned lecture theaters, hostels, design studios, discussion rooms, cafeterias, research and development center, mosque along with scores of other facilities for students, faculty and staff. These facilities not only broaden the horizon of studentís thinking abilities but also groom them into better individuals and confident citizens.
Every step taken by the university is well thought of. The formulation of the curriculum involved scholars, academicians, teachers and experts of various disciplines. The curriculum is designed to equip students with the knowledge that could help them meet the challenges of the real world. Case method of teaching along with seminars, classroom discussions and industry visits are part of universityís teaching philosophy. The career driven curriculum entices students to learn more and get rewarded in their professional life.
The University works in close coordination with the local industry including Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry, NPO, SMEDA, Gujranwala Chamber of Commerce and industry and Gujranwala Business Center that offer internship opportunity to students. The Corporate Relationship department of the university guides the students to choose the career paths of their choice. GIFT University stands for quality of education. Its students with their talent, knowledge, wisdom and success testify the notion that GIFT University is an institution where dreams are turned into reality and every step is a journey towards progress and development.